Our Community

Our Neighborhood

CWC2 will serve the culturally diverse populations of Silver Lake and Echo Park which are 45% Hispanic/Latino, 34% Caucasian, and 16% Asian, along with the other nearby Eastside neighborhoods.

Demographic maps of Los Angeles illustrate that such naturally occurring diversity is rare, and we hope to offer families a public school option that closely mirrors this neighborhood composition. To this end, our dedicated parent volunteers have been conducting months of community outreach, spreading the word about our new school in order to achieve a diverse applicant pool.

We believe the mission of our school—to provide both excellence and diversity in equal measure—is truly in keeping with both the progressive history and current reality of our neighborhood.

Our School Community

Our school comprises a community of learners—students, teachers, parents, and community members—who work collaboratively to learn from and with each other.

Students engage in rigorous, active learning processes that develop conceptual understanding and self-knowledge, not only in core academic areas but also in the arts, music, physical education and character development.

Teachers are supported with ample planning time, training, resources and autonomy, and are able to continually develop their skills, collaborate with one another, and create and refine curricula that best fits their students.

Families anchor the CWC school/home partnership and are integral to our children’s success. All CWC families are urged to actively participate in the school community as volunteers, valued stakeholders and participants in regular family education workshops and community activities.

Our Parent Community

The CWC parent community includes Founding Parents along with many other committed parents and residents who want to see a school like CWC thrive in our neighborhood.

CWC Founding Parents are a self-organizing group of local parents who are committed to the CWC model, mission and vision. Our Founding Parents and other parent volunteers come from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds and professions and have committed a variety of skills and resources to the launch of CWCSL.

Community Service

Residents here are deeply involved in shaping their neighborhood and fostering the greater good, and CWC shares these core values. We intend for CWC Silver Lake/Echo Park to be a hub for community engagement via service opportunities for students, their families and interested residents.

Our student-designed service learning projects, created during weekly classes, will enable each member of our community of learners to make a real and lasting contribution to their world beyond the school walls. We want our school to be a good neighborhood partner, a good sister school to the area’s other public schools, and a school that the neighborhood can be proud of.