The Citizens of the World Curriculum


The Citizens of the World schools use an academically rigorous teaching methodology, based on State standards, known as Constructivism.

Constructivism involves project-based learning. Rather than a teacher demonstrating concepts or delivering information to the students, children work in a hands-on way to “construct” their own knowledge by doing. Students often plan and conduct projects around given themes/concepts, later reflecting upon their own work with the teacher’s feedback. Students are guided by the teacher’s facilitation, not just direction, and their resulting work represents the skills and knowledge that they themselves have gained.

Individually tailored for each student

Constructivist learning treats each student as an invidual with unique strengths and needs. The year begins with an assessment of each learner’s ability level, against which individual progress is regularly measured. This is coupled with high expectations for all students, enabling students at all levels to thrive.

CWC also works from Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which holds that intelligence is not a single, fixed measurement, but that there are several types of cognitive abilities and “intelligences,” including Spatial, Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Bodily-kinesthetic, Musical, etc. CWC teachers recognize and work with each child’s intelligences and learning style.

Smaller Class Sizes

CWC is embracing the autonomies granted to charters by making budgetary decisions to have smaller class sizes and to make instructional decisions that focus on the constructivist model.

A record of success

The constructivist model is not easy to implement, but when done well has proven highly successful at several locations, including Larchmont, Larchmont West, CWC Hollywood and others. CWC also embraces parent and community input and can quickly incorporate it, operating nimbly and responsively.

Art/Music/Physical Education

Recognizing the value of the arts and their role in enhancing performance across subject areas, CWC Silver Lake/Echo Park will have art and music instruction multiple times a week by trained experts, as well as physical education.

Social Justice and Diversity

We intend to build a school that reflects the ethnic, racial, linguistic and socioeconomic diversity of Silver Lake and Echo Park. Citizens of the World believes that children who have had the lived experience of Difference (in learning ability, ethnicity, language and socioeconomic standing) will be better able to function effectively in the 21st century and will view their neighborhood, city and world in a more informed, skillful and empathetic light.

Silver Lake and Echo Park are culturally diverse: 45% Hispanic/Latino, 34% Caucasian, and 16% Asian. CWC Silver Lake hopes to have a student body mirroring the neighborhood composition.